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> Brother Brady:what made Cromwell special was not the body count, which
> pales in comparison to some of the other genocidal maniacs you allude
> to. It's that Cromwell's perception of the Irish as literally savages
> played a very important role in how the British subsequently treated
> Native Americans, the Hottentots of South Africa, Hindus et al.

So that there is, as usual, a two sided causation.  On the one hand,
the material basis provided by Irish subjection to England provided
the conditions for the English bourgeoisie not to come to a final
confrontation with the aristocracy. On the other hand, the narrow
ethnocentricity of the Great Revolution of 1648 (an ethnocentricity
that was clearly displayed in the permanent reference to that
Monument to Ethnocentric Mind, the Old Testament) at the same time
provided ideological fodder and received material support from the
ravaging of Erin.

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