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(The activists referred to below include Sikapii (George Yellowhorn) and
Yellow Dust Woman (Elizabeth Okemaysim), a husband and wife in their
sixties who normally survive on less than $200 per month. Due to his
outspoken advocacy, Sikapii has been denied work by the corrupt tribal
council. I know both of these fine people well and strongly urge comrades
to be generous, if at all possible.)

Can you put out an appeal for emergency funds for the Blackfoot struggle.
Gas and electricity has been cut off for several activists, some who were
supposed to do Tribal work when their turn on the rolls came up were
summarily denied work without cause as retribution. It is a horrible
situation especially with a worse than normal winter in Blackfoot country.

Fund can be wired or (checks sent) to:

Elizabeth Okemaysim
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Box 998
Pincher Creek, Alberta
T0K 1W0
Account Number 7063334
Routing Number (for wires) 03049 010

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