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Irish Republican Socialist Party 


19 February 2002 

IRSP oppose construction of European Super State 

The Irish Republican Socialist Party today rejected proposed talks 
between EU member states on European Defence by stating that it 
signals the beginning of a 'super state'. 

In a statement, an IRSP spokesperson said: 

"Planned talks are afoot at the behest of the Spanish Defence 
Minister on European Defence before the end of the Spanish EU 
Presidency in June. 

"It is the belief of our party that these talks will include 
representatives of the 26 county administration who intend to play a 
full role in the military defence of a United States of Europe. Cuts 
already being made in the Irish military is part of a hidden agenda 
that will inevitably mean one super state, complete with one army. 

"Discussions have taken place in Brussels in favour of creating 
a 'single European armaments industry' in order to strengthen the 
European defence capability in the future. This in itself quite 
clearly signals the beginning of a super state that would also fuel a 
protracted arms race. 

"People must be made aware that these underhand changes has serious 
repercussions for the entire population of this island. Republican 
socialists have always made it clear, we are opposed to any European 
super state and call on others to do like wise." 


25 February 2002 

No justification for such wealth

The Irish Republican Socialist Party today said that 'there can be no 
justification for such wealth' following list of personal revenue 
accounts of Stormont MLAs. 

In a statement, a spokesperson for the IRSP said: 

"Our party welcomes the publication of these scandalous MLA personal 
accounts as it outlines quite clearly many things for the rest of our 

"Since the recreation of the British Stormont Assembly through the 
Belfast Agreement, politicians have made it unmistakably clear just 
where exactly their interests lay. Item one on their agenda was not 
about how they might bring an end the growing amount of sectarian 
attacks but just how much each of them should be paid. 

"Many people have quite rightly been shocked, and even amazed at the 
levels of MLAs salaries as for many of us who live on or below the 
stated 'poverty line' and can hardly make it through the day day, let 
alone a week, yet we are consistently told that the Belfast Agreement 
is on track or it is working but this isn't the case at all. 

"While the different shades of politicians can find common ground 
such as their exorbitant wages and living the good life behind the 
scenery, most of us are day and daily being subjected to increased 
sectarian attacks on a nightly basis, fighting for decent wages in 
non-unionised workplaces or just merely existing while the gap 
between the haves and the have nots becomes increasingly more 


26 February 2002

Corruption Rife

The Irish Republican Socialist Party claimed that 'corruption by 
those at the highest level in this society is rife' following reports 
that tourism expenses bill reached £24,300 on Northern Tourist
trip to New York. 

In a statement, an IRSP spokesperson commented: 

"The New York tourism report merely underlines that corruption by 
those at the highest level in this society is rife. This simply 
doesn't stop at highly paid individuals within the Northern Ireland 
Tourist Broad who wine and dine in far off places with those of a 
similar ilk. There is no accountability as most of them have too many 
fingers in so many pies. 

"It actually comes as no surprise to our or our class generally as we 
have always known that those in power positions always take care of 
their own, while the majority of us, whether Protestant, Catholic or 
Dissenter, many of whom are living well below the stated 'poverty 
line' can hardly make it through the week, let alone the year. 

"We are in no doubt that this will be the first of many offensive 
reports to hit the papers over the coming weeks and months. Equally 
we are of the view with many of our class that not one person or 
persons involved will be brought to book over squandering so much 
money, they always look after their own." 


26 February 2002 

Fascists offer nothing but further division of our class

The Irish Republican Socialist Party today condemned UDA threats and 
intimidation of Newtownabbbey graveyard workers days after the 
sectarian murder of postal worker, Daniel McColgan. 

A Belfast IRSP spokesperson said: 

"Those who murdered young Daniel McColgan and further threatened and 
intimidated graveyard workers are fascists who have absolutely 
nothing to offer but the continued division of our class. 

"These thugs have been behind sectarian protests at the same 
graveyard last year when loyalists tried to prevent Catholic families 
from laying to rest their loved ones. 

"The community must stand up to those enemies of our class who try to 
break any genuine class solidarity, especially shown following the 
brutal sectarian murder of the young postal worker". 


27 February 2002

Wanted Posters Ludicrous

The Irish Republican Socialist Party today described Policing Service 
of Northern Ireland wanted posters of young people rioting put on 
display in North Belfast as ludicrous. 

A North Belfast IRSP spokesperson said: 

"It is the view of our party that the refurbished RUC are quite 
obviously clutching at straws whilst putting the lives of many young 
people displayed on glossy wanted posters at risk. 

"No one is fooled by these tactics that the PSNI are using, it is a 
desperate attempt by a abhorrent paramilitary police force 
discredited the world over. 

"This is a ludicrous whitewash used in an attempt to somehow 
normalise a discredited force which has done little or nothing to 
prevent or stamp out hundreds of attacks carried out by loyalists on 
nationalist homes." 


27 February 2002

A&E staff morale at all time low

A spokesperson for Dublin Irish Republican Socialist Party said 
that 'morale amongst staff at Accident and Emergency units throughout 
the state was at an all time low'.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Dublin IRSP said: 

"It must be recognised by those in power that morale amongst highly 
trained staff at Accident and Emergency units throughout the state 
was at an all time low. 

"Our party fully supports and welcomes the nurses decision who 
overwhelming voted in favour of industrial action at this time. The 
anger felt by nursing staff at the unacceptable levels of over-
crowding on hospital wards plus excessive workloads has clearly lead 
to this decision being made. How long will this be allowed to 
continue as such a working environment not only affects nursing staff 
within A&E units but ultimately patient care, which will suffer as a 
result and which is already being seen". 


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