Re.: Zimbabwe: Elections March 9

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Fri Mar 8 13:38:20 MST 2002

My Zim sources remain anonymous for their protection.
Many are directly related to workers movements
more like COSATU than Venezuelan outfit.
Some are veterans or otherwise associated with
Joshua Nkomo’s ZAPU.
All are dedicated to social justice.
They are threatened by Mugabe ZANU-PF forces
because they side with MDC in this democratic election.
I cannot say that my available sources are representative
of the full range of Zimbabwean politics, but I have no
patience for imperialist voices.
I assume list members share similar socialist goals.
I believe Patrick Bond and Elombe Brath share such goals.
(That RealAudio Democracy Now broadcast is worth a listen)
But one sides with Mugabe and the other against.
What is best for revolutionary democratic socialism?

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