Zimbabwe: Election March 9th

jenyan1 jenyan1 at uic.edu
Sat Mar 9 22:20:17 MST 2002

Patrick Bond wrote:
> Those like John and Mac, whose politics represent "mine enemy's enemy is
> my friend," run a terrible danger: being fickle.

Rubbish. I am opposed to any imperialist meddling in African affairs. The
recognition, incomplete as it is, of our right to self determination is
too hard won to be squandered and frittered away by those who would
tailgate New Labour in their sordid and paternalistic colonial forays into
African affairs.

If you really want to be 'consistent', why don't you join Blair and Dr
Chester Crocker and go and monitor election fraud in Talahassee? How
about a dose of smart sanctions? After all, what's sauce for the goose is
sauce for the gander.

> The international left did what it was supposed to do, in relation to
> apartheid: namely, it listened to what comrades on the ground were
> calling for, in the way of concrete solidarity. And it acted, whether
> or not Northern governments were for or against those sanctions.

Before you regurgitate your canard about South African sanctions for the
n-th time, the apartheid regime was maintained by Western support alone.
The left sought to remove this western pillar of the regime by vigorously
opposing the involvement of the imperialist states in the region.

> As someone who very much wants an upturn in the class struggle in
> Zimbabwe, especially against the neoliberal elements in both Zanu and
> the MDC, the most confusing component of the current struggle is
> Mugabe's Talk-Left, Act-Right politics.

Professed leftists who tailgate New Labour foreign policy and make common
cause with confirmed racists like Crocker are in no position to accuse
anyone of 'Talk-Left, Act-Right politics'. To do so while preaching
'consistency' merely emphasises the hypocrisy.

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