IRSP: Withdraw Ireland's Representative from Occupied Palestine

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Irish Republican Socialist Party

9 March 2002

Withdraw Ireland's Representative from Occupied Palestine

The Irish Republican Socialist Party today called on the 26 County
administration to state their 'position as regards the ongoing
murderous Israeli campaign against the Palestinian people and called
for the immediate withdrawal of Ireland's representative from
Occupied Palestine.'

In a statement, an IRSP spokesperson said:

"Many Irish people would like to know why the 26 County
Administration has remained silent while Israeli forces murder
countless innocent Palestinians and intern others, some as young as
thirteen. Does this now mean that Ireland, like other European
states, supports the extermination of the Palestinian people?

"Our party call upon the Irish Foreign Minister to come clean and
state where he and his administration stands as the death toll mounts
by the hour in Israeli-occupied Palestine.

"The IRSP support international calls for a complete withdrawal of
the Israeli Army from the occupied territories. This must include the
dismantlement of all Zionist colonial settlements, the right to
return for the Palestinian refugees, the foundation of an independent
Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and international
observation against Israeli violence.

"Our party also included a request that the Palestinian National
Authority release A. Saadat, secretary of PFLP, as well as all other
militants of the Intifada who have been arrested due to Israeli, US
and European pressure.

"It is therefore vital that Ireland now shows their objection to
continuing Israeli violence by withdrawing immediately Ireland's
representative from Occupied Palestine".


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