IRSP: Not Going Far Enough

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Irish Republican Socialist Party
7 March 2002

Not Going Far Enough

The Irish Republican Socialist Party has welcomed today's referendum
results but has criticised the 26 County administration for 'not
going far enough to ensure every woman's right to choose'.

In a statement, an IRSP representative said:

"Our party welcomes today's referendum results in that it ensures
Irish women won't go to prison as a result of terminating a
pregnancy. It was a referendum that totally kept the population in
the dark as to what were the issues involved. For that reason we
condemn the administration for not providing essential information in
the run up to it.

"Equally this referendum has not gone far enough to ensure the right
of every Irish woman to choose, which paves the way for yet more
confrontation between those who demand control over their own bodies
and an administration whose state remains tied to the Church.
Republican socialists remains confident in our pursuit of equality
and justice for all our class as the struggle in this country, both
north and south, for every woman's right to choose continues."


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