Utopian Socialism, Marx and the Industrial Revolution

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat Mar 16 19:07:37 MST 2002

Tom Siblo wrote:
> [clip]

I just want to protect against misunderstanding because of the way
e-mail crushes tone. I have no disagreements whatever with Tom's reply
-- and my original post was not intended to disagree with anything in
the thread but merely to add what I thought was an important historical

I might add here that the adjectives "historical," materialist," and
"dialectical" are far more important than the adjective "scientific."
And though all three of the former are subject to endless differences of
interpretation and use, those differences can usually be debated with
profit. Debates over whether marxism is "scientific" or not seem to lead
to rather arid circles or mere "turf protection." I think it is
scientific in very important senses, but I prefer not to haggle over the


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