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Thanks for the message about this book.  Sounds interesting and I'll try to
check it out.  I was just in Cuba this past January with my professor John
Gerassi (whose name some list members may recognize) and I too noticed the
openess with which people discussed "post-Fidel" Cuba.  The basic sense I
got from various people was that the Revolution is not only Fidel, Cuba is
not only Fidel, and things will go on after him.  One of the leading
candidates for replacing Fidel once he is gone or unable to do what he does
is a young man named Espinosa who currently holds a high position in the
National Assembly of People's Power (and I believe he's currently teaching
in Canada).  We had the opportunity to sit down and speak with him and Cuba
would be in good hands if he were chosen to be Fidel's successor.

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>Subject: Book about Cuba
>During my last trip to Cuba last year, for the first time since the
>mid-60s and early 70s, intellectuals, party members and the common
>person on the street are open to discuss the future of the regime and
>what comes after Castro disappear.  Candidates are now openly being
>discussed and sorted out and it is definitely a winner in popular
>support - and is not Raul.  Interestingly enough, members of the Central
>Committee and the State Council - the real power base for the regime -
>discuss their different approaches to the future of the economy and the

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