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> ATGWU Regional Secretary Mick O'Reilly sacked
> by Paul Kinsella - ATGWU (Strictly Personal Capacity!)!
> Tue, Mar 19 2002, 1:14am
> address: 53 Lorcan Grove, Santry, Dublin 9,
> Eire phone: 087-9748511
> Unfortunately, its with very great sadness that I have the sad
> but not unexpected news that the Irish Secretary of the
> Amalgamated Transport and General Workers Union (ATGWU)
> - Mick O'Reilly and his Deputy have been officially fired by Bill
> Morris, General Secretary of the ATGWU's parent Union in
> Britain - the Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU).
> I got this very bad news from a very reliable source who has
> been in very close contact with Jimmy Kelly and Des Bonass -
> 2 very influential and staunch Pro Mick O'Reilly figures in the
> ATGWU. Many of us thought that there was some hope that
> Mick might survive following the recent elections for the TGWU
> CEC that saw an increased Left representation on the CEC.
> At the end of the day when the CEC voted on the sacking of
> Mick and his Deputy they split 19:19. It was that close! It
> was left to the Chairperson to use his casting vote to seal
>  Mick's fate. Many of us were very disappointed because the
> Chairperson was thought of as somebody who was very
> sympathetic to Mick O'Reilly and would have voted against
> sacking Mick. Unfortunately however it looks like the
> Chairperson was very heavily leaned on by Bill Morris to
> coerce the Chairperson into voting for Mick O'Reilly and his
> Deputy's sacking.
> This is a terrible tragedy for the Irish Trade Union Movement.
> We've lost one of the very few genuine Trade Union Leaders
> in Ireland who actually fought for his members. Mick O'Reilly
> also supported other Worker's struggles. For example Mick
> publicly supported the Association of Secondary Teachers
> Ireland's (ASTI) pay rise campaign and he was the only Trade
> Union Leader as far as I know who did support the ASTI.
> As well as that Mick warmly welcomed Brendan Ogle
> and the Irish Locomotive Drivers Association (ILDA) into the
> ATGWU when no other Trade Union would touch ILDA with a
> bargepole. Under Mick O'Reilly's Leadership the ATGWU were
>  the only Trade Union to vote against that fraud, that so-called
> 'Partnership for Prosperity and Fairness' (PPF). MANDATE -
> the Bar and Shopworkers Union also opposed the PPF but as
> far as I can recall they didn't ballot their members on the PPF.
> In a Democratic, Free and Fair Ballot scrutinized by Independent,
> Outside Observers, over 80% (if my memory serves me right)
> of ATGWU Members rejected the PPF and there was a similar
> majority against the PPF 'Review'. Mick and the ATGWU were
> the only Irish Trade Union to campaign against the Nice Treaty.
> Mick O'Reilly also very strongly supported the Anti Globalisation
> /Anti Capitalist Movement. When Mick O'Reilly was Secretary
> of the ATGWU, the ATGWU always had a presence at any
> progressive March/Demo, whether it be Anti racism, Anti
> corruption, Unemployed, Anti bin tax
> etc, etc, you always saw the ATGWU Banner and usually
> there were several ATGWU Banners present from the likes of
> Waterford Crystal ATGWU, ESB ATGWU etc, etc.
> I don't think that we've seen the end of Mick O'Reilly's involvement
> in the Irish Trade Union Movement. I have to be very careful what I
> say, except to say that we haven't seen nor heard the last of Mick
> O'Reilly's involvement in the Irish Trade Union Movement, not by a
> very very long shot!

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