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Tue Mar 26 05:44:04 MST 2002

Hi Domhnall,
Yes, I do agree with you about trendy academic analyses of imperialism that
fail to match the consistency, analystic prowess, detail, and predications
and goals of old 'outdated' analyses. In fact, I agree with much of what you
say here. However, I don not at all agree with how you view 'the struggle'
in Northern Ireland. Firstly, I'm not sure if British Imperialism is
necessarily bound to want to keep a hold on us as a colony. Whether the Uk
moves closer to Europe or the US, Ireland's fate will be, more capitalism.
Now, if the struggle against this is confined to calling for a 'national'
economy, I feel that it is doomed. The crisis will hit Ireland at the same
time that it hits the UK probably, and if the struggle here is not allied
with the struggle there, then I really see no hope. Why should we be calling
for a united Ireland? The Southern economy is as capitalist as the UK, in
fact, nearly all the main political parties down south are full-blown
neo-liberal bandwagon jumpers. Why should people in the north want to
integrate with the southern economy?
As for living in South Belfast- first, how do you know I live in South
Belfast? I said in my message to you I was from East Belfast....? Secondly,
would you really rather live in Fermanagh? Thats great, personally I would
not at all- and your portrayal of South Belfast as some affluent bourgeios
hole is far off the mark. if it pleases you to know, I am entirely skint-
probaly skinter than you. All my mates are in jail or skint or on drugs. So,
please don't come off with that shit again, because it doesn't fucking wash
with me. if you think Belfast is such a pleasure ground why don't you come
up and live here? Maybe you'd get a different picture of 'the national
question' too...
all the best,

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