In Defense of Joe Freeman

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> Let's put it this way -- One Kathleen Cleaver is worth a thousand Joe
> Feemans, but it would take a thousand Kathleen Cleavers to undo the
> damage one Joe Freeman could do to the workers' movement.
> Carrol

What an absurdity of you!! when it comes to gender baiting, and even if this applies to a stupid bourgeois woman like Barry, you suddenly become "politically correct", denouncing sexism and baiting Marxists here for being politically incorrect. In the past too, you came up with illusions of sexism about comrades' attitude towards women on this list.

BUT when somebody brings the issue of racial genocide, then you condemn that person for being too politically correct. Isn't it actually very typical of false leftists like you to play the card of pc'ism whenever you deem necessary?



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