Joe Freemen [Ridiculous melodrama]

Derrick O'Keefe sankara83 at
Thu Mar 28 00:45:58 MST 2002

>Frankly, all this melodrama about Freemen is very silly. The guy made some
>off-color remark about rich actresses and their public prostitution for the
>purposes of garnering celebrity status. This is only a slight offense,
>which has been magnified a thousand-fold in a most artificial manner.
>Whereas Freemen has at least provided some analysis for his position,
>others have just scowled at him like obsessive librarians.

Your characterization of Freemen's comments are inaccurate.  His initial
comments were nothing like a criticism of "public prostitution" by Berry or
Sharon Stone.  Quite the opposite, they were a statement of his enjoyment of
the solicitation.  He stated that Berry's undressing was enough to make him
go see the movie and give it a thumbs up.  Later,
he changed his argument to an attack on Berry's acting or to the plot of
Monster's Ball in justifying the initial remarks.

>Finally, I think it is ridiculous to intimate that a few slightly rude
>remarks from one man are scaring away all the 'weak and shy girlies' out
>there. Future Marxist women will make their presence felt, and felt
>strongly, of their own accord and through their own powerful efforts, not
>with the blessing of any man or through the guidance of self-appointed
>anti-sexual chaperones.

Current Marxist women are stating quite clearly that they find Freemen's
post are creating an uncomfortable environment.  The charge that such
complaints are coming from "self-appointed anti-sexual chaperones" is
unfounded and absurd.

Freemen, all the while posting under the cover of his pseudonym, has lashed
out in the past with personal attacks that were sexist, homophobic and even
ageist.  Enough is enough.

Derrick O'Keefe

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