Tactics was Re: Asylum seeker protests in Australia

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sun Mar 31 05:36:28 MST 2002

It was good of alan to forward these posts to the list. The treatment of
the refugees is a very important issue here in Oz but there has
been  little debate about the tactics of the demonstrators at the Woomera
detention centre in South Australia.  They stormed the fence and freed some
of the prisoners. It was a very militant response to what is a truly
terrible situation.  The treatment of the refugees is beyond appalling.

The subsequent protest in Sydney was peaceful.  A spokesperson "Roberto ?"
commented that the peaceful way was better than what happened at Woomera as
it was less alienating for 'mainstream Australians'.

I do not want to re-ignite a battle we have already have on this list many
times  but I would like the same chance of winning the lotto as of Roberto
being in the DSP.

We are what we are I suppose and at close to 60 I won't change.  I approved
of both sets of protestors, but I know where my heart was.



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