Makah prepare to hunt whales

mmw kaliyuga at
Sun Mar 31 22:18:04 MST 2002

> These fucking pompous, self-righteous, petit-bourgeois "greens" and
> vegan-types (being vegan is ok just don't make it some kind of a mark or
> credential of being "progressive", "radical" or even "green") really make
> sick. I fear only trouble if they show up again to try to stop the whale
> hunt. The Makah can't wait for "litigation"; there is no time left and
> of course is the object of delayed litigation and litigation results.
> Jim


Thanks so much for this.  I'm going to post it to my local listserve which
is infested with "vegans" and "greens" of the type you describe, who are, in
some ways, little more than New Age versions of the old Christian
missionaries.   I'll let you know the response - if any.

Tamara Bunke

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