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Matthieu Gues gues_matthieu at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 1 10:47:16 MDT 2007

INTRODUCTION [actual question at the end]

Hello to all, i'm a newbie on this list, and french too. My parents are both communists, I kinda agree with them on a lot of issues. I'll admit that i'm not well versed in the theory, and my subscription to this list is one symptom of me wanting to learn more about it. I can't wait.
I don't consider myself to be anything in particular, i'm still waiting to "get a revelation".

All this is not relevant to this mailing list you might say, and you're right.

Not so long ago, i learned about the true translation of Ahmadinejad's "wiped off the map" quote, which was actually "vanish from the page of time". Once again, the US is out to bully another innocent country, in order to get control of its resources. And in the case of Iran, that wouldn't be the first time either. You already know that.

Although there was not much a lonely 24 yo like me could do, i still had the intention to debate the issue and get the word out to as many people as i could. 
I scribbled some post on a blog, with all the arguments and links i could remember, and then advertised about it on discussion boards.

What a cold shower i received ! Everyone I talked to couldn't get past their heads that Ahmadinejad didn't actually threaten Israel.

There was a pattern of thinking among the warmongers, and we've seen that pattern already before the invasion of Iraq. 
Adolf Hitler should have been stopped, the democracies are too weak, we're told. Thus we must act, now. Before the Holocaust happens, again.
I believe this is what is driving most people to support an attack on Iran, and it will be used again and again in the future, unless we 'destroy' this myth once and for all.

What if "we" had really stopped Hitler, as soon as there was a justification for military action ?

To find out all that would have happened as a result would require titanic work, and i do not expect to guess an alternate universe.
What i'm expecting from people is a number of short-term (let's say 5 years after), logical consequences, consequences that would not be necessarily for the better. Any attempt to guess further in the future would be meaningless, i think.

Here is the imagined situation. 
After Hitler remilitarizes the Rhineland, in 1936, the French troops, instead of standing where they are, are moving in and destroy many of the german battalions. Thus stopping Hitler's ambitions of conquest, or so I believe for now.
How this would have affected the following years in Germany, I did not investigate yet, and this is not the point of this post.


What I want to know is, with a Germany still in the hands of the nazis, with possibly more support from the population, but without the incentive and the army to invade other nations, how would the Soviet Union then behave ? Would it still try to invade and occupy its surrounding territories, and probably Germany ? Maybe the rest of Europe ?
All i'm asking from you are facts and demonstrable consequences.

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