[Marxism] I am open to be proven wrong.

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Nov 1 19:34:03 MDT 2007

David wrote, "I would say this: She is not a typical Green Party booster. In
fact, I wonder if she is running to really build the GP, which I doubt, or
for her own program which differs, I think, from the GP."

She's running because sections of the Green Party went out and actively
campaigned to persuade her to run for the nomination rather than focusing on
an independent bid for Congress.  Most of us have declared that she would be
an acceptable candidate if she would break decisively from the Democrats.

But, by all means, let's pretend she's not a Green.  Maybe some mad
eco-terrorists have kidnapped her.

David is right in describing her as someone in political transition, which
is why--I suspect--many of us are not ready to write off Ralph Nader, who is
a fairly principled social democrat.  With luck, the two of them can work
something out and we can salvage a progressive third party capable of going
beyond what we've already accomplished.


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