[Marxism] Britains Muslim communities and Respect

mike pearn neprimerimye at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 1 21:16:05 MDT 2007

"It seems quite plausible and logical that nationally
oppressed people --and especially Muslims under
current circumstances-- would break with the main
bourgeois parties in Britain well ahead of the bulk of
the working people, and that a small force like
Respect might well focus on these communities.

Indeed, it seems like at least in some localities
Respect is, in essence, the political expression of
nationally oppressed communities. Why would this
be a problem?"


By way of a reply I note that Joaquins comment totally
omits the category of class from his analysis. I would
suggest that if Britains Muslim communities - not a
nationally oppressed group but a series of communities
united by a shared religious identity - are abandoning
the major parties, in fact this boils down to
abandoning the Labour Party, they are more often than
not simply moving to another bourgeois party. In many
ares this has meant moving to the Liberal Democrats
and in only a minority of cases has it meant Respect.
Some councillors and candidates for that august office
seem confused by the two parties and move freely
between them.

Such a move on the part of some of Britains Muslim
communities is not in advance of the majority white
working class as Joaquin suggests given that large
layers of that ethnic group have already abandoned
labour for apathy. In essence those Muslims who have
abandoned Labour have not done so on the basis of a
move to the left other than on foreign policy. In
general, regardless of whether they moved to Respect
of the Liberal Democrats (or in one ward in Cardiff to
Plaid Cymru), they have done so due to the transfer of
allegiance of leading community figures from one party
yo the other. In a word they have tended to vote on
communal not class lines.



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