[Marxism] I am open to be proven wrong.

Bonnie Weinstein giobon at comcast.net
Fri Nov 2 12:58:59 MDT 2007

Dear Comrades,

I take this seriously. You can dismiss me by calling me all sorts of names
and simply belittling me.

Mark: "How Hohenzollern of her?" What were you thinking?

But, in my opinion, this is no way for us to act toward one another--there
is just no call for it. And, more importantly, it will get us no where fast.

So I am again, trying to explore the nature of independent action and how
Cynthia McKinney's campaign can promote that among those that have the power
to carry it out.

On 11/1/07 3:34 PM, "Louis Proyect" <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:

> But if you don't specifically call for socialism, you are a Menshevik
> traitor--no? Maybe we should raise the bar and demand an answer to the
> transformation problem.

My comments--the subject of the above comment by Proyect:
>> And that doesn't mean defending homeland security, or our borders or the
>> right of the U.S. to have the most weapons of mass destruction and the most
>> powerful military force in the world to carry out their domination and
>> rule--it does not mean that--that is what we human beings have to disarm--to
>> wrest from them--to take all this out of their hands--to finally free the
>> Earth of them and their despotic terror once and for all.

This does not say that I demand that Cynthia McKinney specifically call out
for Socialism. This says I hope that she will prove her independence from
the Democratic Party by organizing working people into an independent
movement to fight for their rights--against the war; for housing, jobs,
healthcare and education. And I truly hope this is what her declaration of
independence  means. This will be a tremendous step forward in defense of
humanity. After all, just simply voting for a candidate does not guarantee
that her program will be carried out--there must be a strong movement
organized behind it to back it up.

Given that she has, indeed, repented and has good positions on things now
and has rejected her past voting record, in addition, the campaign must not
be used to support lesser-evil politics. It must be an independent and
serious campaign that runs directly opposed to the Republicans and the
Democrats across the country throughout the campaign and doesn't shirk from
campaigning in states where the race is close between the Republicans and
Democrats because that is underhanded support to the Democrats and
lesser-evil politics and is NOT independent.

I honestly hope she will.

I also honestly hope we can refrain from Trotsky-baiting and name calling as
well. After all, there seems to be a re-awakening of interest in Trotsky and
his theory of Permanent Revolution--certainly not because I espouse it on
this list because I was "born" into it and remain the only supporter left on
Earth. Some very famous people are talking about Trotsky now as well. Even
Carl Sagan used to smuggle copies of Trotsky's "History of the Russian
Revolution" to his physicist colleagues in the former Soviet Union* and
today, Cesar Chavez and Celia Hart have a lot to say about Trotsky.

Perhaps comrades should re-read him.

Do you realize, Louis and Mark, that you are labeling me a mindless
automaton? Is that the level of politics we want on this list?


Bonnie Weinstein

* See Sagan's "The Demon-Haunted World," specifically the chapter on,
"Science and Witchcraft"

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