[Marxism] Could Socialists Not Use "Great" before Britain!

Ambrose Andrews ambrose at vrvl.net
Fri Nov 2 21:28:31 MDT 2007

On 03/11/2007, John Obrien <causecollector at msn.com> wrote:
> Recently several people on this list have used the word "Great" before Britain.  This implies support for occupation of lands by England.
> There is nothing "Great" about Britain compared to other nations.
> Ireland's occupied six counties, Scotland, Wales and the other remaining colonies, should be receiving support from people on this list for independence from Britain and not reinforcing this right wing description of England. > And Greg replied, "Perhaps this is due to the fact that Great Britain never> had the historical experience of a Malcom X or a BPP.

like 'Great Russian'?


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