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> Note: If you are a US citizen or resident and wish to sign this 
> declaration
> following E-mail link and simply type your name and city on Subject line &
> that's all there is to it:  no_us_intervention_in_cuba at yahoo.ca
> In the face of President George W. Bush's escalation of threats against 
> the
> sovereignty of Cuba only days before the UN General Assembly's vote for
> the sixteenth consecutive year against the inhuman and unjustifiable
> 47-year-old US economic blockade of Cuba, and in the world context of
> Bush's recent threats of a nuclear "World War III," we issue this call to 
> US
> intellectuals and artists to join us in calling for a permanent dialogue 
> and
> cultural exchange between the peoples of the United States and Cuba. We
> also call for making public the secret annex to the latest declaration of 
> the
> "Commission for Assistance to a free Cuba," presided over by Secretary of
> State Condoleezza Rice. Ominously, the Department of State has
> emphasized that the plan includes measures that will remain secret "for
> reasons of national security" and to assure its "effective 
> implementation". It
> is not difficult to imagine the character of such measures if one 
> considers
> the militarization of the foreign policy of the Bush administration and 
> its
> performance in Iraq.
> Because of this increasing threat against the integrity of a nation and 
> the
> peace and security of Latin America and the world, we the signatories 
> listed
> below demand that the government of the United States respect the
> sovereignty of Cuba. We must prevent a new aggression at all costs.
> Date: Oct. 29, 2007
> List of Signatories:
> Noam Chomsky, James Cockcroft, Alice Walker, Howard Zinn, Ramsey
> Clark, Jane Franklin, James Early, Susan Caldwell, Carlos Munoz, Jr., 
> Louis
> Head, Alfred Arteaga, PhD, Richard L. Harris, PhD, Emile Schepers, PhD,
> Norma Alarcon, Nancy Mikelsons, Leslie Cagan, Elizabeth Martinez, Dana
> Lubow, Karen Lee Wald, David Peterson, Luke Rhinehart, James F.
> Harrington, H. Bruce Franklin, Matthew Glesne, Barbara Collins, Bob Guild,
> Ann Sparanese, Alicia Jrapko, Bella August, Fred Magdoff, Gretchen
> Franklin, Vicki Ryder, Victor Fernandez, Walter Tillow, Robert Eisenstadt,
> Carolyn Birden, Miguel Rivas, George Cockcroft, Fraser Ottanelli, Alvin
> Andre Meyer, Bill Montross, Anita M. Waters, Saul Landau, Edward S.
> Herman, Claudio Morales, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Frances Hillyard, John
> Womack, Tom Twiss, Susan Severin, Shirley Pate, Jeff Jackson, Jean H.
> Fisher, Bob Heaney, Claude Marks, Norma J F Harrison, Rev John
> Surinchak, Linda Surinchak, Marthe Raymond, Allen Hitchcock, Alberto
> Nelson Jones, Silvia Jones, Jennifer Jones, Alicia Bailey, Amy Demarest,
> Susan Hagen, Andrea Sullivan, Patty Mote, Robert Sandels, Barbara
> Cusack, Dona van Bloemen, J Scanlon, Dylan Guy, Jenice
> Martin-Anderson, Robert Cohen, Gordon Fellman, Farrell Brody, Jane Fair
> Bestor, Eleanor Walden, Kathleen Densmore, Dwight R. Platt PhD, Richard
> Grassl, Jim Apsey, Jay Schaffner, Mimi Shapiro, Richard Rubenstein, Allen
> Myers, Carolyn Coe, James (Jim) Mulherin, Ph.D., Paul Bloom, Sue Greene,
> Jose Gutierrez, David Budbill, Per Fagereng, Jeffrey Segal, Dorinda
> Moreno, Francisco Aruca, Barbara Dane, Kathleen Hughart, Judi Poulson,
> Catherine Murphy, J. Glenn & Barbara Evans, Michael N. Landis, John
> Hardesty, Ph.D., Marion Perkus, Jean W. McFadden, August Nimtz,
> Tatiana Pahlen, Elizabeth Bowman, Bob Stone, Carmen Mercedes Cusack,
> Scott Thomas Pribble, Mel Rothenberg, Marc Sapir MD, MPH, Dana
> Bellwether,  Donald G. Brennan, Aura B. Steward, Ty dePass, Bernice
> Fischer, Catherine Pottinger, Jose M. Estevez, Mary Ayers, Dr. Rina
> Benmayor, Anne Moore, June Chatterjee, David Bers, Judith LeBlanc,
> Daniel del Solar, Wesley Riley, Dan I, Bolef, Ph.D., Regina Birchem, 
> Ph.D.,
> Luis Corchon, Nathanael Matthiesen, PhoeBe sorgen, Jerry Pendergast,
> Gary Bacon, Damien Marsic, PhD, Luci Murphy, Doug Johnson,  Roderick
> D. Bush, Ph.D., Peter Debes, Cath Haftings, Julie Higgins, John R. Donat,
> Terry Murcko, Edward Montanaro, Ph.D.,

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