[Marxism] Galloway faction splits from Respect:

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 3 21:01:19 MDT 2007

From: "Fred Feldman" 
> This is an impolite way of saying that the author
> of this comment undoubtedly has thoughts about the
> Respect events that would be worth reading.  He
> hasn't made them but settled for an oracular
> pronouncement that says nothing or everything but
> not anything in particular. Do we have to examine
> his innards to find out what he is driving at?

I was actually happy to let Lüko sit in the corner
muttering to himself, but, yes, it would be nice to
know exactly what he thinks.


On the Respect thing: removing the SWP cadres from
Respect is going to seriously damage the organisation.
On the other hand, I doubt the SWP is going to be able
to salvage anything on their side either. So this is
(probably) a complete disaster all round.

Obviously having a large, relatively united bloc of
active members within an outfit like Respect is always
going to present challenges. That's likely to be true
*regardless* of their political flavour or
organisational form. On the one hand, there is always
the risk that they will end up effectively undermining
the democratic processes of the broader organisation,
and on the other, there is the risk of them
galvanising an opposition bloc against them. Either
situation (and the two are often combined) is likely
to lead to splits.

This is more or less independent of specific errors or
abuses. It's as likely to happen in "Proyect's Perfect
Party" as it is in Real World organisations, too,
because the Dreaded Zinovievists aren't the only
people likely to play this role.

In part, this is a question of how majorities and
minorities should interact, which is, of course an
issue with a long, nasty and pointless history.

In any case, the British left has managed to take a
big step backwards. The SWP is, to a large extent, to
blame (having substantially contributed to the
polarisation), but they aren't the only ones who need
to take a good hard look at themselves.

But at least there is the possibility of learning some
lessons from it. There wouldn't be if all this stuff
had been left in the realm of theory. It's better to
try and fail than not to try.

Alan Bradley

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