[Marxism] white privilege vs white supremacy - please be morespecific

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Nov 4 12:46:27 MST 2007

Ben wrote that "racism" is inadequate and requires a distinct new term and
new layers of analysis of "the everyday mundane folkways and more`s that
seperate white people from understanding the struggle of peoples of color
and understanding the truths and validity of racism, it's consequences, and
the phsycological and economic scars it has left on peoples of color."

Imho, all of this has always been very much a part of what "racism" means.
(Then, too, the large quoted section of Allen's work posted earlier deals
not with "everyday mundane folkways" but with the legal and institutional
defining of race in early America.)  Surely, though, we all recognize that
we've known about this since the abolitionists, black and white, who
regularly discussed "colorphobia" and its impact on those "everyday mundane

Every time we add a layer of complexity to anything, there is a tradeoff
between what we gain by doing so and what we confuse or smudge.  As I've
stated repeatedly, the model carries with a serious and demonstrated
tendency to smudge two rather vital points of analysis (yet unaddressed by
the proponents).

And I have yet to see how it gives us any understanding we didn't already
have thanks to Dubois, Frederick Douglass, etc.


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