[Marxism] Respect, a united front?!?!

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 4 14:33:13 MST 2007

Shane Mage wrote:
> This was written in 1931 when the parties of the Comintern, like the
> parties of the Second International in 1912, could still be thought of
> as revolutionary in some sense.  By 1933, as Trotsky recognized, that
> no longer was the case.  Then on 12 February 1934, responding to the
> fascist riots of 6 February (after the Stavisky "suicide"), the PCF and
> the SFIO called separate marches.  But the French proletariat had
> a different idea--the marchers came together, embraced, and surged
> forward with common banners, thus rejecting the sectarianism of both
> parties.  This decisive event was the impetus to Trotsky's "French Turn,"
> and it gave a new and different meaning to the "United Front" concept,
> which now became the demand for united action among all the 
> workingclass parties (soon in counterposition to the reformist 
> "Popular Front" electoral bloc with capitalist parties like the Radicals).

French turn? Another bad idea from Leon Trotsky, I am afraid. This was 
all about entryism in the SP, which in the US built up the Trotskyist 
party and left the SP in ruins. If we had a mass SP today, the left 
would be much stronger, even with all its flaws.

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