[Marxism] Respect, a united front?!?!

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Nov 4 16:17:44 MST 2007

Of course, the American Socialist Party had never supported World War I,
which meant that the Communist split(s) in the U.S. had no relationship to
the realities of the situation here.  And the global adoption of the
entryism into the Socialist Party because the French were reaping some
benefits from it is just as questionable.

For almost 90 years now, the socialist Left in the U.S. has adopted
policies, taken turns, looped-the-loop because of what was happening
elsewhere...in the mistaken assumption that it would happen here...at least
enough to make the same policies applicable.  How well has that served the
movement here?

And, before anyone asks whether or not I'm being parochial or chauvinistic
in posting the question that way, let's remember that the best thing we in
the U.S. can do for the rest of the world is to build a strong movement

Mark L.

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