[Marxism] Galloway faction splits from Respect:

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 4 18:07:30 MST 2007

Nick Fredman wrote:
> The main issue is in fact that the same complaint has been directed against
> the UK SWP and the Australian ISO - trying to impose what you recognise as a
> disastrous and self-contradictory "united front" sort of party like thing on
> the UK Socialist Alliance and Respect and the Australian SA. The verifiable
> facts that in the Australian SA virtually all non-aligned members always
> rejected this and agreed with, in fact around 2003 pushed via an organised
> caucus of 150+ comrades, something much more akin to the DSP's conception,
> rather speaks against the unverified assertions of you and the ISO. The
> vanguardist error highlighted here is in fact that of toytown Cominternism
> or to be precise Pominternism.

Please, I could care less about charges and counter-charges between the 
ISO and the DSP. That's the main reason that I avoided commenting on 
whether Galloway rigged the votes in the Feffingham-Clarrow district or 
whether John Rees put the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's chowder...

> The other key difference is that only I think 3 non-aligned members - none
> of them well-known unionists, activists or intellectuals, all of latter
> remaining with SA despite objective difficulties - have made any complaint
> about "DSP bureaucratism", whereas numerous key left figures as well as
> small left groups have made such complaints about the UK SWP's behaviour in
> the UK SA and Respect.

What makes these "vanguardists" so anxious to deny any wrong-doing? When 
I read the Playboy interview with the leading Sandinistas in the early 
1980s, I was struck by how they answered the question "Why are the 
Miskitos rebelling against the government". Tomas Borge answered that 
they screwed up. They sent a bunch of party members out to the Atlantic 
Coast who only knew about the indigenous people from anthropology 
textbooks. But the FSLN was working hard to mend fences. That's what you 
call real proletarian leadership. Of course, what happened later on 
after hundreds of millions of dollars in contra funding and Soviet 
abandonment is another story altogether.

> Glad for the clarification. Forgive me however for not accepting you as the
> authoritative arbiter of who is or isn't a knucklehead, when you apparently
> know nothing of and aren't interested in the significant differences between
> the UK and Australian cases.

Oh, I wasn't accusing you of being a sectarian knucklehead, although the 
words obtuse and smug do creep into the old cerebellum.

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