[Marxism] The SWP, Respect and the united front

mike pearn neprimerimye at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 4 20:20:12 MST 2007

Alan Bradley wrote "You've provided us with a textbook
example of schematicism. You set up an abstract model,
and then use it to reject a real world phenomenon that
doesn't conform to it.

There are plenty of dubious things about Respect, but
the fact that it doesn't conform to a model *that
exists only in someone's head* isn't one of them.

This is the same error Louis Proyect makes, too,
although the model is different."

Alan might well be right but the schema is not mine in
origin I simply borrowed it from Fred Engels and Leon
Trotsky. Their point, which I agree with you will not
be surprised to learn, being that revolutionaries must
relate to the existing level of class consciousness
within the class. Which cannot but mean that for a new
Mass Workers Party to appear large sections of the
class must, at very least, be raising questions with
regard to politics.

Now from my reading of history it seems to me this was
the case when Engels backed the formation of the
Independent Labour Party for all its faults as a break
from Liberalism. It also seems true of the USA in the
1930s despite the non-appearence of such a party in
the end. It was and is not true of britain these last
few years hence the populist nature of Respect and the
nature of the Campaign for a New Workers Party as a
Socialist Party auxilary.

The lesson for me is that there are no short cuts to
the formation of a new Workers Party and the
possibility of such a party developing out of a
populist formation being slim at best. Better to
concentrate on what can be achieved rather than
engaging in adventures which invariably fail
demoralising layers of good decent activists.



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