[Marxism] Galloway faction splits from Respect:

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 5 06:51:11 MST 2007

Peter Boyle wrote:
> That's the approach we in the DSP been trying to follow and our tactics 
> are based on this approach. We never claimed not to have made mistakes 
> in Socialist Alliance or in any other political intervention. Certainly 
> in Socialist Alliance we made every tactical choice (right or wrong) on 
> the basis of our estimate of what would best preserve and/or advance the 
> linking up of socialists with broader layers in struggle. Far from 
> milking or manipulating the broader formation to build our own tendency, 
> we took risks, made serious commitments and significant sacrifices. And 
> when things got tough in 2004-2005, we did not bail out and abandon the 
> broader project.

Sounds like you were staying the course.

> Since Louis agrees that revolutionaries should get organised the 
> argument question becomes how. This of course is a very concrete 
> question and we should not create organisational schemas around a 
> decontextualised reading of those famous words from the Communist 
> Manifesto "The Communists do not form a separate party opposed to the 
> other working-class parties" . We have had this discussion before and 
> comrades have been urged to read on in the manifesto to where the 
> qualification of this statement is made when the Manifesto  describes 
> what distinguishes the Communists from others in the working class 
> movement. That's a better clue as to what sectarianism is. Further, 
> wasn't the Manifesto written for a relatively small, underground and 
> conspiratorial organisation?

No, the CM was written for the working class. When Marx wanted to 
communicate with small, underground and conspiratorial groups, he would 
have written a letter. People who were in such groups had already come 
to the conclusion that communism was necessary. They didn't need a 
manifesto to tell them that.

> Should we have never embarked on the Socialist Alliance?

For me the real question is dumping the James P. Cannon books. As long 
as you take his notions about the "French Turn" seriously, there will be 
hell to pay on ventures such as the Socialist Alliance. I don't want to 
urge you to burn them, since this upsets comrades who don't understand 
my sense of humor. But I would certainly prevail upon you to drop them 
off at a Salvation Army thrift shop.

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