[Marxism] Demons of Separatism

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Mon Nov 5 06:59:21 MST 2007

Louis wrote:

> > Finally, I read a piece at
> > http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article18648.htm which reckons
> that
> > the PKK is effectively a US asset. Is there anything accurate in this
> > allegation?
> > 
> > Paul F
> Given the role of the CIA in trapping the PKK leader in 1999, it seems 
> unlikely that this would be the case. However, given the tendency of the 
> Kurds to shoot themselves in the foot, nothing would surprise me at this 
> point.

Though it is often alleged that there is some kind of funding by the US (or Israel as a proxy) of the PKK, there is no ultimate proof for this.

But there is certainly some kind of symbiosis between the US and the PKK/PJAK: PJAK forces are engaging Iranian military in skirmishes and prevent Pasdaran and other islamist militias of infiltrating Iraq through the Iranian - Iraqi border.

Thus a Turkish attack on the PKK/PJAK there would increase the US problems in the region and create a power vacuum all kind of anti-occupation forces could use to fill. So it looks the US is quite content with the present situation.

On the other hand the US still needs Turkey as its ally, this explains why on one hand they brand the PKK as terrorist, but on the other hand do everything they can do to prevent Turkey from attacking the PKK camps in the Qandil mountains.

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