[Marxism] Who is the British Malcolm X?

mike pearn neprimerimye at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 08:17:07 MST 2007

Joaquin wrote "This is essentially the same debate as
has taken place in the United  States around the
"Black and white unite and fight" line. And as can be
seen, Engels was a supporter of the Malcolm X
position: Before there can be Black-white unity, there
has to be some Black unity first.

This theme that keeps coming up that there is a
problem with communalism,with Muslims communities
organizing as such, that this is in contradiction
to the class struggle, strike me as being quite
dangerous under circumstances where precisely these
communities are under escalating  attack by British

The problem with this analogy of Joaquins is that the
position of American Blacks in the 1960's and British
Muslims is very unalike. The history and social
formation of these two groups has little in common and
politically the situations they exist in are totally
different. Where for example is britains mass civil
rights movement, its Martin Luther King and its
Malcolm X? No, no Joaquin a poor analogy and a series
of long quotes does not an argument make my friend.



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