[Marxism] SWP and Respect -- a central issue is the national question

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Mon Nov 5 08:27:23 MST 2007

On Mon, 5 Nov 2007 13:05:10 +0000, Lenin's Tomb wrote:

> The UK does not not need a "national movement", 
> it needs a socialist movement.  
> Britain has oppressed minorities, but its problems can't be 
> *reduced* to that, and no effort at social transformation 
> will succeed based on such a limited agenda.  

  No effort at social transformation will succeed if it does not take 
every issue of oppression seriously, and one of the most important in 
that respect is national oppression. The fight against national 
oppression must not be seen as something to be subordinated to the class 
struggle, but must be supported as a struggle in its own right, with no 
strings attached. 

> Britain is not an oppressed nation, but an imperialist one. 

  May I use the occasion of the use of "UK" above and "Britain" here? 

  The United Kingdom has important national problems, the Irish one 
being the oldest and foremost. The Scottish one should not be 
underestimated. And remains the question, if "Britain" as such is a 
nation at all...

> As such, the only "national movement" going here is the fascist one - 

  Irish freedom a fascist issue? Scottish National Party a fascist 

> The 'community politics' involved here is
> not fundamentally about the defense of minorities

  I can't comment on the way RESPECT acted in this respect, but want to 
draw attention that I sort of dislike the term "defense of minorities" - 
I prefer what Joaquin Bustelo wrote, that "Respect became a vehicle for 
the expression of a radicalization among Muslims who have been singled 
out for repression and discrimination in the imperialist 'war on 
terror'", i.e. a way of _self-expression,_ not some outside force 
defending a helpless victim. 


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