[Marxism] Chavez's ex-defense minister opposes constitutional reforms in Venezuela

Fred Fuentes fred.fuentes at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 11:40:04 MST 2007

Chavez's ex-defense minister opposes constitutional reforms in Venezuela

2007-11-05 18:29:51 -

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - A former Venezuelan defense minister who was
a longtime ally of President Hugo Chavez harshly denounced
constitutional reforms on Monday that would let the leftist leader run
for re-election indefinitely.
Former Defense Minister Raul Baduel said if the public approves the
reforms in a Dec. 2 referendum, «in practice a coup d'etat would be
consummated, violating the constitutional text in a shameless way.
Baduel, who was replaced as defense minister in July, was a close
confidant and key supporter of Chavez, helping him return to power
after a short-lived 2002 coup. But he strongly opposed the
constitutional change, saying «it seizes power from the people.
Human rights groups, the Roman Catholic Church and other critics say
Chavez is seeking the changes in order to consolidate power, pointing
to the proposed elimination of presidential term limits.
Some opponents also say that amendments allowing authorities to detain
citizens without charge and censor the media during a state of
emergency would violate civil liberties.

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