[Marxism] When Israel Was Apartheid's Open Ally - By Lenni Brenner

David Walters dave.walters at comcast.net
Mon Nov 5 20:58:41 MST 2007

Walter L. wrote:
"Algeria's hard-won national independence, won after a fierce battle 
with French colonialist imperialist colonialism, remains in force, and 
should not be sneered at, even if we aren't delighted with the things 
which Algeria's government has done with that independence."

Walter, what does that mean? The US won a hard fought war for 
independence from Britain, so what? Algeria has been independent for  
over 50 years! *Things have changed*, including it's almost total 
reversion to  neo-colonial status with France...or is the formality of 
independence the only thing that matters?

Over half the Algerian working class is unemployed. They have sky 
rocketing inflation. 200,000 people have died as a result of the gov't 
staging a COUP against the democratically held elections. Death squads 
continue to roam the country...most of the victims being from villages 
or neighborhoods that voted for the FIS. The gov't here needs to be 
*overthrown* and a workers and farmers gov't that will fight against 
what world capitalism has done to Algeria come to power. Don't you think 
too? Or...are Algeria's friendly relations with Cuba MORE important than 
the suffering of the Algerian people at the hands of their gov't? Tell 
us Walter.

In fact, it's more than the FIS supporters that are in opposition to the 
government. The unions are in opposition. The Kabylie are ALL against 
the gov't. The mass-Trotskyist PT is against the gov't and opposed the 
coup from the get-go. Now, the entire left is against the gov't.  Well, 
maybe not Walter...


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