[Marxism] Success in Iraq?

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Tue Nov 6 08:02:37 MST 2007

Louis posted:

The Washington Post
October 14, 2007 Sunday

Better Numbers;
The evidence of a drop in violence in Iraq is becoming hard to dispute.

If the numbers, which are always suspect, do show a marked drop, it is not
because the "surge" has worked, as the administration spins it, but because
anti-occupation Iraqis on both sides of the sectarian divide have been
trying to head off an all-out civil war - mostly by purging their own
ranks - and because a large amount of sectarian cleansing has already

According to a story in last Friday's Washington Post:

"One factor, Miska said, was the public decision of radical Shiite cleric
Moqtada al-Sadr to "freeze" for six months the activities of his Mahdi Army

U.S. officials also argue that the drop in attacks by al-Qaeda in Iraq
stemmed mostly from the decision by other Sunni insurgent groups to embrace
a partnership with U.S. soldiers and abandon their complicity with al-Qaeda
in Iraq's campaign of killing and religious fundamentalism. The resulting
new armed groups, known by the American military as volunteers or concerned
local citizens, have taken the place of a sometimes deficient, corrupt or
nonexistent Iraqi police force.

Many formerly mixed Sunni-Shiite areas have become largely the domain of one
sect, since millions of Iraqis have fled their homes for other countries or
other parts of Iraq over the years. "It's much harder to conduct sectarian
cleansing if you've got a homogenous neighborhood which has a local
volunteer security force which is on the lookout for those people," Miska


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