[Marxism] Venezuela

Peter McLaren drpetermclaren at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 09:10:06 MST 2007

> Couldn't agree more, there is no doubt that after April 2002 and the
> bourgeois lost control of the Venezuelan military. But then Venezuela
> today is also not Venezuela in 2002. My caution leans towards being
> very careful of what could happen over the next month rather than any
> other type of caution. Here in Venezuela whilst everyone says we will
> still win the refrom in december are on their toes and watching
> closely with caution as well
> Fred

Dear Walter and Fred,
I have just returned from Venezuela, and was speaking in the heart of  
opposition territory, in Maracaibo. In fact, directly behind me at a  
luncheon at the university faculty center,   former coup members were  
having a private meeting. I spoke in strongly anti-Chavez settings as  
a Chavista, and it was very very tense. I spoke as well  in smaller  
pro-Chavez settings. Tragically, the day before my last talk, two  
students were shot and killed on campus and I was forced off the  
campus by the military police. I have to give some talks in Finland,  
but directly upon my return, I am off to Caracas to talk at the  
Bolivarian University there and to support the referendum. Will  
report back then.

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