[Marxism] Chavez Reaffirms Confidence in Armed Forces

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 6 09:23:22 MST 2007

November 5, 2007

Chavez Reaffirms Confidence in Armed Forces

CARACAS, November 5.- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez voiced his
confidence in the loyalty of the Armed Forces and called former
Defense Minister Raul Baduel a traitor after the retired general
called for people to vote against constitutional reform.

Chavez said he received calls of support from several generals and
other officials, following Gen. (r) Raul Baduel declarations. He
noted that his government will remain alert, saying there was nothing
innocent in the words from the ex official, whom he called "a peon of
the oligarchy, the catholic hierarchy and United States imperialism."

The Venezuelan president dismissed the possibility that Baduel's
position will be well received by any significant body of the
National Armed Forces.

"The country needs to rest assured that the necessary force to launch
a successful coup d'état or to begin a civil war does not exist,"
said Chavez during a telephone call to the Venezuelan television show

Chavez said that Baduel's remarks were contradictory because on the
one hand he is asking people to vote against constitutional reform in
the December 2 referendum, and on the other hand he said he wouldn't
recognize the legitimacy of a Yes victory. (PL)

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