[Marxism] Top Venezuelan Officers Back Chavez

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 15:55:47 MST 2007

The referendum will strengthen the President's power, and perhaps
Baduel was guessing himself as the next President -which endless
re-election will not allow.
On the other hand, Chávez is also supporting the idea of creating
"federal areas" under the command of one of the Vice Presidents. These
areas may well be emergency zones against foreign infiltrators (from
Colombia, for example) or against domestic attempts at generation of
turmoil, or to replace too weak and flimsy Chavista governments. What
really matters, however, is that in the process of creation of each
federal zone the local population will be asked to give their opinion
and to agree (or reject).

This is similar to what happened with the strengthening of the central
State in Argentina under Perón. But lots more democratic, or so it

2007/11/6, Walter Lippmann <walterlx at earthlink.net>:
> (Baduel's declaration and Chavez's response was big news
> on the afternoon newscast here, probably will be on the
> news tonight as well.)
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> Top Venezuelan Officers Back Chavez
> Caracas, Nov 6 (Prensa Latina) Several top ranking Venezuelan officers announced
> their support of President Hugo Chavez and rejected the opposition position taken
> by retired general and former defense minister, Raul Baduel.
> General Jorge Garcia Carneiro, also former defense minister, qualified as irrational
> the arguments expressed by Baduel who said he did not know what socialism Chavez
> proposed.
> The top ranking officer assured that the armed forces "are quite calm"
> since they know and are clear about the role assigned to them and denied that the
> former minister was talking on behalf of the military sector.
> At the same time, retired admiral Orlando Maniglia, also former defense minister,
> criticized the "political game" Baduel is playing and considered that
> it was important to maintain a dialogue and defeat any coup or absenteeism.
> Garcia Carneiro and Maniglia expressed their opinions shortly after Baduel called
> politically for a "NO" vote in the coming referendum of December 2 to
> approve or reject the constitutional reform approved by Parliament.
> These declarations were rebuffed by the Bolivarian Military Civic Front of Venezuela
> expressing their support of Chavez and considering the statements of the former
> minister "as a photocopy of opposition speeches."
> Shortly before, the nation s vice president, Jorge Rodriguez, who considered Baduel
> a "spokesman of the opposition", assured that "there is not the slightest
> possibility of involving the National Armed Forces that are more united than ever."
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