[Marxism] Success in Iraq?

Pat Costello pt_costello at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 6 19:21:45 MST 2007

It is interesting to go down memory lane after reading
the WaPo article. 


In 1967, polls showed that almost half of the American
public believed that the war in Vietnam was a mistake.

"This prompted the administration to launch a
so-called "Success Offensive", a concerted effort to
alter the widespread public perception that the war
had reached a stalemate and to convince them that the
administration's policies were succeeding. Under the
leadership of National Security Advisor Walt W.
Rostow, the news media was inundated by a wave of
effusive optimism."

Then they had Westmoreland go to congress and give a
"high level policy review". One of Westmoreland's
generals declared the VietCong defeated. 

A few months later the Tet Offensive began, the
turning point in the war. 

Not to imply that an event similar to the Tet
Offensive will happen in Iraq but rather to say that a
few weeks of low casualties (if true) is not
necessarily meaningful.

--- Marvin Gandall <marvgandall at videotron.ca> wrote:

> Louis posted:
> The Washington Post
> October 14, 2007 Sunday
> Better Numbers;
> The evidence of a drop in violence in Iraq is
> becoming hard to dispute.
> [...]
> =================================
> If the numbers, which are always suspect, do show a
> marked drop, it is not
> because the "surge" has worked, as the
> administration spins it, but because
> anti-occupation Iraqis on both sides of the
> sectarian divide have been
> trying to head off an all-out civil war - mostly by
> purging their own
> ranks - and because a large amount of sectarian
> cleansing has already
> occured.
> According to a story in last Friday's Washington
> Post:
> "One factor, Miska said, was the public decision of
> radical Shiite cleric
> Moqtada al-Sadr to "freeze" for six months the
> activities of his Mahdi Army
> militia.
> U.S. officials also argue that the drop in attacks
> by al-Qaeda in Iraq
> stemmed mostly from the decision by other Sunni
> insurgent groups to embrace
> a partnership with U.S. soldiers and abandon their
> complicity with al-Qaeda
> in Iraq's campaign of killing and religious
> fundamentalism. The resulting
> new armed groups, known by the American military as
> volunteers or concerned
> local citizens, have taken the place of a sometimes
> deficient, corrupt or
> nonexistent Iraqi police force.
> Many formerly mixed Sunni-Shiite areas have become
> largely the domain of one
> sect, since millions of Iraqis have fled their homes
> for other countries or
> other parts of Iraq over the years. "It's much
> harder to conduct sectarian
> cleansing if you've got a homogenous neighborhood
> which has a local
> volunteer security force which is on the lookout for
> those people," Miska
> said."
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