[Marxism] Cincinanti: new jail defeated, Greens get almost 12%

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Nov 7 06:48:32 MST 2007

Green party candidate Justin Jeffre received 6,894 (11.9%) of the 57,883
votes cast in yesterday's city council election.  Under the current Charter
of the city, that makes the Greens "an official party."

Jeffre, also an activist in the NAACP, played a vital role in leading the
fight against an attempt by the city government to impose a new sales tax to
support a massive no-strings-attached municipal expenditure through the
sheriff's office for a new jail.  Although asserted as necessary, more jail
capacity was needed because the city wanted to rent more space to
neighboring counties and to the Federal government for its prison

The jail is also a local symbol for a broken justice system that
incarcerates African-American men for unbelievably arbitrary and flimsy

The NAACP anchored a coalition that included the Greens and defied the
active hostility of the sheriff's office to get 40,000 signatures and place
the issue on the ballot.  The campaign for a new jail spend over a million
dollars and hired five full-time staffers at $14,000 a month.  Mostly, it
waged a dishonest media and telephone blitz aimed particularly at dividing
African-American voters from the NAACP by repackaging the jail as a
"Comprehensive Safety Plan" for the city.

We raised less than $10,000 and relied entirely upon volunteers.
Yesterday's result--with 98.07% reporting--shows that almost 105,000 voters
agreed with us, leaving less than 82,000 having voted as the authorities
told them.

The issue's not over, though, because the city authorities who urged the
measure repeatedly warned that they were going to build their new jail even
if they failed to win the referendum.  So it is that contempt for the will
of the people is touted publicly.  More as it develops.


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