[Marxism] Mini-Gujarat in Nandigram: Time to Rise Up

Sukla Sen suklasenp at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 07:00:41 MST 2007

Medha Patkar has been attacked and injured on her way
to Nandigram. Also injured are Bolan Gangopadhyay,
Ruby Mukherji, Manas Bhuiyan, Mukul Roy, Amit
Dr. Meher Engineer, former Director of the Basu Vigyan
Mandir (now Bose Institute of Physics) - a pioneering
scientific research institute in Kolkata remains
Voices must be immediately raised to save Dr. Meher
Engineer. And also the innumerable faceless and
hapless villagers facing the bullets of the armed
marauders openly instigated by Brinda Karat and her
This Stalinist tyranny in West Bengal must be fought
back in the most resolute manner.
These dark days must end. It’s no more time to sit
back and watch.
Medha Patkar and other activists attacked in WB  
We the representatives of people's movements, strongly
condemn the violent attack on Non-violent Activists
heading towards Nandigram today - 8 th November '07. 
Medha Patkar, D Sarkar, Sunanda Sanyal, Tarun Sarkar
and others were attacked and have sustained injuries. 
 We condemn the attitude of the Police who behaved as
onlookers and were totally indifferent towards such
violent acts by the CPM cadre who were shouting
slogans and carrying red flags while breaking cars and
beating people. 
All this was done only to stop Medha Patkar and other
activists from entering  Nandigram. Medha Patkar was
invited by the  people of Nandigram after a spate of
violence and killing in the area. She has been
visiting Nadigram ever since the struggle against
Nandigram has started. 
At present she along with many activists including
Anuradha Talwar of NTUI are sitting on satayagraha on
the highway towards Nandigram. 
We have always been working together with CPM in other
states on various issues, what is it in Nandigram that
the Government is so desperate not to allow us to
enter Nandigram, and to behave violently with the
peaceful activists? 
It is ironical that in the state where CPM is ruling,
on the one hand there is an attack by its cadre and
goons and on the other the police who are supposed to
protect the people, are acting indifferent.   Is the
govt. hand and glove with the goons? 
On one hand, CPM talks about farmers' and marginalized
people's rights, but on the other, it hinders the
process of struggle through severe state repression.
The democratic spaces in West Bengal have almost
WE Demand 
Stop killing and attacking peaceful protesters -
including residents of Nandigram. 
 Investigate the incident of killings and take
immediate and appropriate action against the people
involved in this violent attack and also against the
police who despite being present, did nothing to
The President, the Prime Minister, Home Minister
should take every step to force CPM Govt. and party to
lift the siege of Nandigram. 
 Compel the Chief Minister of West Bengal to prevent
the police and party cadres from entering and
capturing Nandigram territory 
 Send  medical and other help to the area 
Send an All-party team of MPs to investigate and
mediate to bring peace and security to the area. 
Sanjay M.G, Sandeep Pandey, P. Chennaih, G. Gabriele,
Ulka Mahajan, Mukta Srivastava,   Anand Mazgoankar,
Simpreet Singh  
Action Alert: 
We request all the conscience citizens and activist to
act soon on this issue in whatever way they can
otherwise the situation in Nandigram will become from
worst to out of control. 
Please send faxes to CM and Home Minster West Bengal: 
Prime Minster's fax Number- 0 11-23019545 /
CM West Bengal – Fax Number- 033-22145480/ 22141341
E-mail- cm at wb.gov.in
Minster of Home Affairs for State Fax Number - 033-
Sincerely Yours 
Mukta Srivastava , Simpreet Singh Pervin Jehangir 

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