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Green Left Weekly #730 November 7, 2007
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Renewable energy now! No nuclear! Phase out coal!
The scientists are horrified. But not being media-savvy publicists, they
generally leave their shocking findings in scientific journals. The
politicians quote cautious statements issued by scientific committees
early in the decade, and worry about scaring off corporate funding. The
business executives look for the chance of new profits, and hire public
relations experts to advise them on cultivating a green image.

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Bolivia: 'A project for the liberation of the poor’
BOLIVIA: “Here in Bolivia, the majority have realised that the
neoliberals have always betrayed us. Now the people cannot be so easily
bought off, there is growing consciousness and a shift in the attitude
of society. That is why it will be difficult for [the neoliberals] to
defeat us now. We will continue governing for at least 50 to 100 years —
some say forever.” This is how Roman Loayza, head of the Movement
Towards Socialism (MAS) group of delegates to Bolivia’s constituent
assembly, described the situation in Bolivia when Green Left Weekly
spoke to him on October 17.


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#East Timor: ‘We don’t want Australian troops’
#Iraq: US escalates air attacks five-fold
#Palestine: Gaza siege causing humanitarian disaster
#Sri Lanka: Tamil rebels attack air base


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Comment & Analysis

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Cultural Dissent

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#Violeta Parra - mother of the New Chilean Song Movement

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