[Marxism] SWP and Respect--a central issue is the national question

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Sat Nov 10 06:57:10 MST 2007

Joaquin wrote:

"Actually, the state of the British left --at least at first blush--  
seems a
little better than the one in the U.S.

With about 1/5th the U.S. population, the organized left groups there  
much, much larger than the ones here. Socialist ideas are much more
widespread and widely accepted. There is relatively greater openness and
diversity of views, even in the bourgeois media.

And as for understanding of the national question --at least as I  
it-- that's not even a significant minority of the left in either  
And while Britain may not have had a Rev. King, Malcolm X, or a Black
Panther Party, I doubt greatly they have anything like the consolidated
Democratic Party penetration of the oppressed communities as exists  
here --
especially in the Black community. "

Joaquin makes some excellent points here and I stand corrected.  
Engaging in an across the pond pissing contest is a stupid idea to  
begin with, and I'm sorry for the original post. Actually that was  
not my intention, I was just being a smart ass.  As usual, it comes  
back to bite you.


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