[Marxism] Pioneering article on "socialism and sex"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 10 09:17:30 MST 2007

http://www.marxmail.org/SocialismSexArticle.pdf links to Christopher 
Phelps introducing a short but pioneering article on the topic 
"socialism and sex" published by the Young People's Socialist League, 
affiliated with Norman Thomas's Socialist Party, in 1952. The author 
calls on the Socialist Party to support rights for same-sexers during a 
time of social reaction (the McCarthy period), and in contrast to the 
legacy of Stalinism which anathematized homosexuality, a position 
reflected among most Old Left groups, including Trotskyist groups. 
Phelps situates the article in its period, including through interviews 
with Socialist Party members of the day, though none recalled the 
article or its (perhaps pseudonymous) author.  This article adds one 
more dimension to the fact that support for rights for same-sexers, 
going back to the nineteenth century, arose mostly out of left-wing 
groups--social-democratic, anarchist, and Soviet (till Stalin's reversal 
of that policy in 1933-34). This is a unique and intriguing article, 
both for its quality of a lone voice in the wilderness at a time of 
growing reaction in the United States and for the light it sheds on the 
internal politics of the Socialist Party of its day.

David Thorstad

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