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The Palestinian Information Center -
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By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied East  Jerusalem

Shortly before he was elected as successor  to  the late Palestinian leader 
Yasser Arafat in January 2005, Palestinian Authority  Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, 
aka known as Abu Mazen, pledged to preserve the human  and national rights of 
the Palestinian people. However, nearly three years  later, it is manifestly 
clear that Abbas has utterly failed to honor his  pledges. 
At the national level, Abbas has committed a series  of unforgivable blunders 
which provide a sufficient legal ground for his  dismissal. 
Abbas flew in the face of the Palestinian  constitutional law when  he 
created an unconstitutional government in  Ramallah outside the circle of 
Palestinian legislative and judicial  legitimacy.  That government, as every Palestinian 
knows deep in his heart,  remains answerable to Israel and the American 
administration which is, too, very  much at Israel’s beck and call. 
The problem didn’t stop there. That government has  committed every 
conceivable violation of our people’s human, civil and national  rights, including 
murder, protracted arrest and detention without charge or  trial, physical and 
psychological torture, dismissal from job for political and  ideological reasons, 
promulgation of laws and bylaws in violation of the Basic  Law and closure of 
charities and non-governmental organizations based on  concocted 
justifications. In short, the status of human rights,  civil  liberties  and the rule of 
law  in the West Bank is now worse than  ever since 1967, thanks to this 
artificial government. 
In some instances,  totally innocent people were  shot and killed in broad 
daylight and the murder was normally  met with  total apathy by Abbas and his 
Prime Minister Salam Fayyadh. Eventually, the  irresponsible government reaction 
to blatant assaults on citizens rights,  dignity and property, helped foster 
lawlessness and chaos whereby people had to  resort to clan power to protect 
themselves against arbitrary arrest,  mistreatment and torture. 
The abuse of governance throughout the West Bank  reached unprecedented 
levels when recruited  thousands of Fatah supporters,  including college students, 
to work as informers, secret policemen and street  thugs   to harass,  inform 
on, arrest, beat and torture other  Palestinians, e.g. pro-Hamas activists or 
Indeed, what kind of government would act like this,  creating divisiveness 
and mistrust within our society? Aren’t  Israel’s collaborators and informers 
Abbas would probably justify all these violations and  blunders by citing the 
 mantra of the “bloody coup” by Hamas in Gaza . 
Well,  I don’t know of many Palestinians,  including members of Hamas,  who 
are infatuated with what happened in Gaza  . 
But Abbas himself should remember that he bears a  huge responsibility for 
what happened. Under his nose, or probably under his  supervision,   America’s 
man Muhammed Dahlan, who had received  wholesome praise from George Bush, 
sought to turn the Gaza Strip into a CIA  mini-republic, by way  of fostering 
terror and lawlessness and murder in  every street, every neighborhood and every 
home throughout the Gaza Strip.   
Abbas knew very well what was going on, but kept  silent and never bothered 
to tell the Palestinian masses why the Gaza Strip was  being flooded with one 
shipment after the other of American-supplied weapons?  
Indeed, what would he himself  have done, and  how would he have acted, 
seeing local quislings of a hostile foreign power  sharpen their knives, awaiting 
the right moment to leap on Hamas and decapitate  its head once and for all? 
But Abbas’s  sins go beyond the showdown with  Hamas. Upon his election as 
President of the Palestinian Authority, and in  numerous other occasions, Abbas 
undertook to stick to Palestinian national  constants, including such 
nationally-accepted redlines as  total Israeli  withdrawal from the territories 
occupied in 1967 and a just settlement of the  Palestinian refugee plight pursuant 
UN resolution 194. 
Now, the PA Chairman seems to have reneged on both.  With regard to the 
demanded Israeli withdrawal, Abbas is now showing a certain  willingness to barter 
the illegal Jewish colonies within East Jerusalem, such as  Maali Adomim,  for 
some  lifeless sandy swaths in the Negev desert.  Yes, golden Jerusalem for 
And on the refugee plight, the most paramount and  sensitive aspect of the 
Palestinian problem, Abu Mazen has effectively entrusted  Yaser Abed Rabbo to 
deal with the issue. 
This is the same  Abed Rabbo who a few years ago  reached an “understanding” 
with Meretz leader Yossi Belen whereby five million  Palestinian refugees 
uprooted from their homes and villages in 1948 would simply  kiss their  “right 
of return” good-by, in return for a deformed, truncated  and disconnected “
state” in the West Bank. 
As if this treachery was not enough,  Abbas and  cohorts, people like Sa’eb 
Ureikat, Nabil Amr, et al, are now harrowing toward  the big sale. 
According to the latest reports from Abbas’s court in  Ramallah, the PA 
Chairman has agreed that the implementation of the  Israeli-conceived and 
American-adopted “roadmap” would constitute an  implementation of UN resolution 242 
and 338. 
This is the same Abbas that only a few weeks ago  vowed that he wouldn’t 
attend the upcoming conference in Annapolis, Maryland,  unless Israel agreed to a 
timetable for the final-status solution of the  conflict with Israel. 
There is no doubt that Abbas is humiliating and  insulting millions of 
Palestinians by succumbing to Israeli diktats. 
The Palestinian people, after all, never authorized  Abbas to behave and act 
the way he is behaving and acting.  
And he should realize that a leader is only worth as  much as he is supported 
by his own people, no matter how much he is popular  among his people’s 
In any case, Abbas and the Americans and the Israelis  should be clear about 
one thing: Any deal reached between Abbas and Israel would  be worthless if it 
didn’t enjoy the backing of the vast bulk of Palestinians. 

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