[Marxism] Significant coup threat taking shape in Venezuela; ; bourgeois elements surface in regime

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 11 07:42:35 MST 2007

Fred Feldman wrote:
> One problem: I think that any idea that a coup in Venezuela can win
> Chile-style, without massive direct as well as indirect US and allied
> intervention, strikes me as a complete fantasy. The current army is not a
> homogeneous bourgeois institution, although it is not comparable as yet to
> one of the great professional standing army of the workers, peasants, and
> oppressed nations.  I mean of course Cuba's revolutionary army.

When I wrote a review of a movie about Allende a couple of months ago, I 
   did some reading on his overthrow. It took a couple of years of 
economic subversion to soften up the country, as was the case in 
Nicaragua. They have a much more difficult challenge with Venezuela 
since the majority of the country has enjoyed significant improvements 
due to rising oil revenues. It also occurs to me that the idea of a 
peaceful transition to socialism is a chimera. No matter the intentions 
of Chavez, the imperialists will not allow it. Ultimately, the lessons 
of Lenin's "State and Revolution" remain valid even if the sectarians 
misunderstand how to apply them.

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