[Marxism] Rocard, once French PM, appeals for Europeans to oppose war on Iran

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ACTIVISM: Former French PM appeals 'to all Europeans to prevent war on Iran'

[Michel Rocard, 77, a former prime minister of France (1988-1991), added
his name this week to an appeal to prefent war against Iran that was
issued by philosopher Jean-Marie Matagne and Israeli anti-nuclear activist
Yehuda Atai issued in mid-October. -- Entitled an "Appeal to All
Europeans to Prevent War against Iran," the document cites the U.N.
Charter and the U.S. Constitution and appeals to U.S. military personnel
to "refuse in advance to cooperate in such a war, whether by giving
political, economic, or military assistance or by logistic support." 
--Mark [Jensen, Snow-News network]



By Michel Rocard, Jean-Marie Matagne, Yehuda Atai

Action of Citizens for the total Dismantling of Nukes
November 9, 2007


Warnings are coming from all sides: the USA is on a war footing, ready to
bomb Iran. It is said that they are waiting only for the presidential
order. At the start of October 2007, dozens of U.S. personalities --
political, religious, military, intellectual or artistic figures --
appealed to the chiefs of staff, officers, and soldiers of the USA to
refuse any order to attack Iran. This unprecedented appeal underlines how
real the risk is of war breaking out in the coming days, weeks, or months,
and how imperative it is to forestall this risk. That is why we are
supporting that appeal launched across the Atlantic, which we wish to
extend to Europe.

The invasion of Iraq by the U.S.-led coalition was contrary to the U.N.
Charter and has turned out to be catastrophic. Any aggression against
Iran would be just as illegal and even more catastrophic.

The U.N. Charter states in Article II, § 4: "All Members shall refrain in
their international relations from the threat or use of force against the
territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any
other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations." As
the authors of the aforementioned U.S. appeal point out, Iran has not
attacked the USA, and the USA has signed the U.N. Charter, therefore any
U.S. attack on Iran would be illegal under international law and also
under the U.S. Constitution, which recognizes treaties as part of the
nation’s supreme law -- and binding on all, of course, including military
personnel, who have pledged allegiance to the Constitution. These remarks
are equally valid for the rulers, armed forces, and citizens of the
European members of the U.N., whether or not they are NATO allies of the
USA. We therefore appeal to them to refuse in advance to cooperate in
such a war, whether by giving political, economic, or military assistance
or by logistic support.

The ongoing war in Iraq is causing thousands of deaths among armed
personnel, and hundreds of thousands in the civilian population. It is an
ecological and health catastrophe which is far from being properly
measured. It fuels the hatred, fanaticism, and terrorism which it was
supposed to combat. An attack on Iran, irrespective of its specific
targets, methods, and initial scale, would considerably aggravate the
situation and produce similar results, not to mention its disastrous
effects on the world economy. There would be even worse effects if the
crazy idea of using tactical nuclear weapons -- which exist -- were
implemented to prevent Iran from building, despite its denials, some
nuclear weapons (of which the recent IAEA inspections found no trace.)

The proud people of Iran maintained, under the mullahs’ leadership, an
eight-year war against the aggressions of Saddam Hussein. Another attack
on Iran is no way to woo the people away from such leaders. The killing
of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Iranians is no way to improve
respect for human rights. The attempt to sell nuclear technology to every
nation except Iran is no way to convince Iran to renounce such technology.
The retention and modernization of nuclear weapons, as is the current
policy of the USA, France, and the U.K. (plus Russia, China, India,
Pakistan, and Israel), is no way to force Iran to renounce them. And the
continuing disrespect of Article VI of the Non-Proliferation Treaty is no
way for the nuclear-weapons states to demand anything of the treaty’s
other signatories, including Iran. Non-proliferation and nuclear
disarmament go together. It is urgently necessary for this point to be

Indeed, only if the International Community commits itself to negotiated
nuclear disarmament as required by Article VI of the NPT does it have some
prospects of seeing Iran offer concrete and verifiable guarantees (if such
things exist) that it will not ever obtain any nuclear weapon. This
virtuous spiral should at the same time dissuade other states in the
region from wanting to "proliferate," and should lead other de facto
nuclear states like Israel, Pakistan, and India, to commit themselves also
to the path towards a world freed from all nuclear weapons and other
weapons of mass destruction, in the Middle East as elsewhere.

To refuse war now does not therefore mean accepting the status quo or
postponing war till tomorrow. On the contrary, it is a means of giving
diplomats time, opportunity, and the imperative to produce a global
solution of peace and security for all the states and all the peoples of
the Middle East, and beyond them for the whole planet. It is away of
avoiding new bloodshed. It will allow reason to prevail, and allow our
children and grandchildren to live in a world that is less violent, more
just, and more human. Without war, without nuclear arms or nuclear

Europe can contribute to this. Europeans must stand against the
approaching war.

--Michel Rocard, a former French Prime Minister, and an MEP, was a member
of the Canberra Commission which concluded that complete nuclear
disarmament is necessary, and he co-signed the Declaration on the
abolition of nuclear weapons released on 2 February 1998 by General Lee
Butler, a former head of the U.S. strategic nuclear forces.

--Jean-Marie Matagne, Doctor in Philosophy, author of a thesis on "power
and potential" and the "balance of terror," is president of the Action of
Citizens for the total Dismantling of Nukes (ACDN) and ran to this aim as
a candidate in the 2002 French presidential election.

--Dr. Yehuda Atai, Israeli, publisher of "The World of the Bible", is a
member of the Israeli committeee for a Middle East without weapons of mass
destruction" and executive secretary of the “Mediterranean No Nuclear
Neighborhood” (MN3) network.

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