[Marxism] The Socialist Revolution in Venezuela

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Sun Nov 11 10:51:09 MST 2007

Nestor wrote:

"If you ask me, I will answer that the need for a Feuerbachian God
exists _even in the fully developed industrialized nations_. Witness a
Churchill, a De Gaulle, why not a Kennedy or a Reagan (yes!) It looks
like alienation is at the root of the whole thing."

I would go one step further. Since folks here in the belly of the  
beast are even more alienated than citizens of the imperium living in  
the peripheries, our expression of feuerbachian wish-fulfillment  
manifests in an increasingly absurd manner. I would need to cogitate  
a bit on that generalization to give some specific examples, but the  
one that comes to mind most clearly is that people latch onto leaders  
whose policies are in direct opposition to their own needs, in a kind  
of social-psychological sado-masochism. The current administration  
comes to mind in terms of its' relationship with the democrats.   
There is more at play here than simple machiavellian politics. There  
is something deeply irrational about the whole interplay. It's like  
some sort of macabre death dance, except the people dancing are doing  
so in anticipation of their own funeral.


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