[Marxism] Updates on Nandigram

Sukla Sen suklasenp at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 11 11:04:56 MST 2007

Today the Star Ananda has shown through video footages
filmed by a docu filmmaker who had sneaked into
Nandigram ob November 4, a day before the mayhem
commenced, how hired mercenaries are engaged on the
side of the CPIM to gun down unarmed villagers and how
poor villagers with brickbats and sticks confronting
them and also taking out processions raising slogans
amidst raining bullets.

The scene must be broadly similar to that of Hungary
But India is no Hungary.
The killer gangs will have to keep that in mind.
The question at the uppermost of one's mind is how far
is Berlin 1989?

Today, in the Star Ananda programme, the RSP
representative Manoj Bhattacharya, former member of
the Rajya Sabha, categorically and eloquently posited
that the decisions taken in the LF meet on Nov. 7 to
bring back peace in Nandigram have been heedlessly
flouted. The CPIM has clearly betrayed the Front. He
also demanded that the mayhem must immediately stop.

In a separate meeting, the RSP, Forward Bloc and the
CPI have jointly held the CPIM alone responsible for
the ongoing massacre in Nandigram. They have disowned
any responsibility and categorically condemned the
goings on.
The RSP separately has hailed the statement issued by
the Governor in stark contrast with the CPIM's
berating it.
The RSP State Committee would meet on 13th to decide
on continuing in the ministry.

Artists, writers and cultural workers, including
Aparna Sen, Rituporno Ghosh, Gautam Ghosh,
Shubhaprasanna Bhattacharya, Jogen Chaudhury, Shankho
Ghosh and so many others came out onto the streets to
protest against ongoing Nandigram mayhem. They were
brutally stopped by a large posse of police force from
proceeding towards the Nandan, venue of the film
festival. Around forty were arrested. Many were
manhandled including veteran Shubhaprasanna and his
wife Shipra Bhattacharya. The police even resorted to
lathi charge against the peaceful marchers.
Mamatashankar in a phone-in interview wondered aloud
whether Buddhadeb Bhattacharya is a human being! She
also called him an inveterate liar.
Ritupotno said that West Begal has been brought down
to the level of Bihar and Gujarat!

Another mega procession in Kolkata is in the offing on
the 14th instant. 

The first batch of CRPF has arrived. But has not been
able to proceed to Nandigram. The CPIM cadres
obstructed the way. Without permission to use force
they had to turn back.

Medha Patkar and her comrades are scheduled to leave
for Nandigram tomorrow.


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