[Marxism] Writers Strike

Jesse Jack jjack99645 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 22:49:00 MST 2007

I think you're wrong; in their industry, they do have their hands on
the means of production. Without a script there is no product. Unless
you're of the type that likes to make a huge dichotomy between
physical vs. mental labor, there really is no difference.

- Jesse

On Nov 11, 2007 9:45 PM, Clara Escher <claraescher at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have been a lurker on marxmail for quite awhile.  Reading the latest
> one hundred messages every few days.  I am in a union, the united
> steelworkers (my oil workers unions merged with them) and am surprised
> to see no contribution on the WGA strike.  To me this strike is
> inspiring and uplifting.  I know these people do not have their hands
> on the means of production, but they certainly can influence the
> entire working class with their militancy and solidarity.  I for one
> can't get enough of reading about them.  (And no its not just for the
> celebrities!)  They had a pretty damn big loud demonstration on
> Friday.  They are talking about corporate greed and fighting against
> it.  Most of these creative workers are not making mega-bucks and I
> can definitely relate to them and them to us as members or the working
> class.  Just about every striker I see interviewed is ready to give
> big media hell.  And I think they have a chance of winning and maybe
> showing us industrial workers something.
> So why the dearth of comments on marxmail about this?  I don't get it.
> J. Gullion
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