[Marxism] Serbophobia, inc.

Ambrose Andrews ambrose at vrvl.net
Mon Nov 12 17:07:15 MST 2007

On 13/11/2007, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:
> Michael Karadjis wrote:
> > Always so charming to hear from Proyect. Actually I'm a little
> > disappointed you 'just discovered' the site, I'm sure I'd tried to make
> > you aware of it before.
> Did you? I can't see how since my antennae are finely tuned to anything
> that smacks of the "decent left". As somebody who drops in on a fairly
> regular basis to the Alliance for Workers Liberty, et al, I try to stay
> on top of this sort of nonsense.

What about a little backwater called Marxmail?


Note this is a direct reply to a post of yours listing a number of
urls of your own articles, and later in the thread you posted again.
I have to wonder how closely you can have read them if you continue to
insist you see a pro-NATO line here.

Yes, MK repeatedly referred people he was debating with on marxmail
and greenleft_discussion lists to his 'mihalisk' site.  That is how I
first found out about it over a year ago (maybe two?).

> On the politics, I really have no interest in replying to you since your
> ideas are so clearly beyond the pale. In 10 years of browsing Greenleft,
> I have become inured to your boosting the KLA, etc. But I have to admit
> that you really took my breath away in "explaining" the Croatian
> slaughter of Serbs in Krajina. After reading it, I felt like I had
> washed my hands in a urinal.

If you don't want to seriously engage with the debate thats fine.  If
you have no interest in replying, then you really should refrain from
the apolitical throwing around of slanders and insults.


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